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Regina Indian Industrial School

City of Regina Archives (CORA-B-0763) Front view of Regina Indian Industrial School with men horses and buggies out front

Regina Indian Industrial Residential School (1891 – 1910) was operated by the Presbyterian Church of Canada through the Foreign Mission Committee. The school was built on 320 acres of farm land on Wascana Creek, four miles (6.44 kms) northwest of Regina (Treaty 4). As an industrial school, the government paid all the expenses until 1893/94, when the school was put on a per capita grant of $120. However, correspondence regarding this transition did not make clear which institution was financially responsible for the maintenance and management of the school. A growing deficit was the cause of much debate over whom would pay. Due to public pressure, the government covered the deficits. The school closed in 1910, becoming a jail and later a home for delinquent boys. It was destroyed by fire in 1948.

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Regina Indian Industrial School cemetery site. Photo credit: Shuana Niessen  Saskatchewan residential school cemetery designated provincial heritage site


Sinclair’s letter requesting funds to purchase tents that will help students with scrofula (form of TB)
The “large expenditure” for tents is not authorized by the department.
Tents purchased without Indian Affairs department’s permission, and still refusal to defray costs. An inspection of the school is recommended.
Auditor Report
Martin Benson’s letter written to enlighten regarding the cause of the deficit: extravagance
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Saskatchewan Archives Board IHR IH 6236 ca. 1905