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Nicholas Flood Davin Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan/ R-A6665
Edgar Dewdney
Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan/ R-B48-1
“Mr. Hayter Reed” by George Russell via © McCord Museum, licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 2.5 ca. 1900-1925, http://collections.Musée-mccord.qc.ca
Chief Peyasiw-awasis (Thunderchild), ca. 1910 – 1919,
Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan//R-A-17725
Edward Ahenakew, ca. 1910, a former Prince Albert boarding school student. Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan/R-B11359
Peter Henderson Bryce
(Photo courtesy of Andy Bryce)
Duncan Campbell Scott, Dupras & Colas, Library and Archives Canada/ C-003187
Dr. R.G. Ferguson, O.B.E., B.A., M.D., LLD, (1883-1964). Source Link
T. C. Douglas (1944-1961), Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan ©M. West, Regina, West’s Studio Collection/ R-WS15159-1
The new graveside plaque for Nicholas Flood Davin at the Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa includes his role in the creation of residential schools. (Cindy Blackstock)

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