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New book published on trauma-informed pedagogy

Dr. Patrick J. Lewis and Karen O. Wallace

New book by Karen O. Wallace and Dr. Patrick J. Lewis, Trauma Informed Teaching through Play Art Narrative (PAN). Published by Brill.

Trauma affects the lives of many children who we teach in school. It effects the students, teachers who teach them, the administration, and the school community as it is part of the school environment and culture. Teachers and administrators have great potential to set up an environment and adopt an attitude that can help heal the trauma in the lives of their students. Read more



Spring 2020 issue of Education News published

Preview the Table of Contents below and download your free copy by clicking the following link: Spring Issue 2020

Table of Contents

From the Dean’s desk…….3
Alumna’s initiative feeds youth during Covid-19 crisis……. 4
Land-based teaching feels like home……. 5
Educating about life with a service animal……. 6
Decolonizing education: One Kitchen Table Party at a time……. 8
Student researcher concerned with accessibility to play……. 10
Lee Airton speaks to students about gender diversity……. 12
Remembering Life Speaker Noel Starblanket……. 13
Students at WestCAST……. 14
ESS holds Town Hall meeting with Dean Cranston……. 14
Grad students writing group……. 15
Indigenization events……. 16
Cougar Awards……. 17
Student bursaries, scholarships and awards……. 18
Funded Research……. 19
Long service recognition……. 22
Staff retirement……. 22
New faculty……. 23
New books……. 23
Published writing……. 24

New book: Learning to Teach Young Children

By: Anna Kirova, Larry Prochner, Christine Massing. (Dec. 2019).

Learning to Teach Young Children: Theoretical Perspectives and Implications for Practice. New York, NY: Bloomsbury.


Learning to Teach Young Children provides you with the tools to critically engage with the key concepts and beliefs in early childhood education theory and practice. The book is organized around ten propositions that are explored in relation to 30 key questions, for example:
– What does it mean to honour children’s right to be different?
– What does it mean to learn?
– How can images of childhood be used as frames for practice?

Original comic-book style illustrations are used to explore key theoretical concepts in an accessible and engaging way. The book also includes a companion website offering overviews of the key concepts covered in the book, supplementary information and references, reflective questions and case studies to support your learning.” Source

New Issue Published | Autumn 2019 Education News

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A new issue of Education News is now published

Highlights from the Autumn 2019 issue of Education News:

Page 4: Education sector engaged in discussions on future priorities in education:
Page 6: Inaugural Alumni Gathering 2019
Page 8: Q & A with recipient of Governor General’s Academic Gold Medal: Dr. Joanne Weber
Page 10: Alumna recipient of Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence in STEM: Heather Faris
Page 14: New Northern Saskatchewan Indigenous Teacher Education Program formed to help meet northern teacher shortage
Page 20: Looking back: Looking forward: Retirement story: Dr. Cyril Kesten

New Issue: Education News

The Spring 2019 issue of Education News is now available. Click on the image below to download your copy:

In this issue:

  • A healing journey expressed through the arts: p. 4
  • Students participate in Project of Heart: p. 7
  • Critical Relationality key to international collaboration: p. 8
  • How one internationally educated teacher became a teacher in Canada: p.10
  • A multilingual international collaboration: p. 12
  • The late Jerry Orban honoured with STF Arbos award: p. 14
  • An interview with an alumna who was recognized as one of Canada’s 2019 Outstanding Principals

and more!

Internationalizing Curriculum Studies | New edited book

Dr. Cristyne Hébert, co-Editor of Internationalizing Curriculum Studies: Histories, Environments, and Critiques, is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina.

Abstract: How do we internationalize that which is deeply provincial and national? Situating our focus on and interest squarely within curriculum studies, how do we internationalize without imperializing or imposing old, colonial, and so-called “First World” conceptualizations of education on teaching, learning, and curriculum? Let us not anticipate simple answers to such complex questions. Being under no illusion that we hold Solomonic wisdom, we editors turned to the wisdom of others. A curricular response to such pedagogical questions is this edited volume.  Download at