New book: Learning to Teach Young Children

By: Anna Kirova, Larry Prochner, Christine Massing. (Dec. 2019).

Learning to Teach Young Children: Theoretical Perspectives and Implications for Practice. New York, NY: Bloomsbury.


Learning to Teach Young Children provides you with the tools to critically engage with the key concepts and beliefs in early childhood education theory and practice. The book is organized around ten propositions that are explored in relation to 30 key questions, for example:
– What does it mean to honour children’s right to be different?
– What does it mean to learn?
– How can images of childhood be used as frames for practice?

Original comic-book style illustrations are used to explore key theoretical concepts in an accessible and engaging way. The book also includes a companion website offering overviews of the key concepts covered in the book, supplementary information and references, reflective questions and case studies to support your learning.” Source

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