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New Issue: Education News

The Spring 2019 issue of Education News is now available. Click on the image below to download your copy:

In this issue:

  • A healing journey expressed through the arts: p. 4
  • Students participate in Project of Heart: p. 7
  • Critical Relationality key to international collaboration: p. 8
  • How one internationally educated teacher became a teacher in Canada: p.10
  • A multilingual international collaboration: p. 12
  • The late Jerry Orban honoured with STF Arbos award: p. 14
  • An interview with an alumna who was recognized as one of Canada’s 2019 Outstanding Principals

and more!

New issue of Education News

Inside This Issue

  • Dean’s Message, p. 2
  • “Meeting in the Middle,” p. 3
  • Bearing Witness Through The “Witness Blanket,” p. 4
  • Teacher-Researcher Profile: Heather Findlay, p. 6
  • A SAFE Conference Outcome: STARS Regina Student Society, p. 8
  • HOPE Student Association Supports Community Programs and Provides Professional Development, p. 9
  • SUNTEP Students Indigenizing Curriculum: Moving Beyond Beads, Bannock, and Buckskin, p. 10
  • An Exchange Student From Finland Reflects on her Educational Journey, p. 11
  • Arts Education Students Perform, p. 12
  • Science and Camp: A Great Combination, p. 13
  • Student Reflections on the “Moving Forward, Never Forgetting” Exhibit, p. 14
  • Emerging Elder-in-Residence, p. 16
  • Alumnus Honoured as Top Principal, p. 17
  • Retirements, p. 18
  • New Faculty, p. 19
  • Recognition of Achievement, p. 20
  • Funding, p. 20
  • Awards, p. 21
  • Published Works, p. 22
  • Campus Events, p. 23
  • Summer Symposium, p. 24

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