Autumn 2020 issue of in education published

A new autumn issue of the Faculty of Education’s in education journal is published. Read online or download the full issue at

Check out this stellar line-up of articles:

Unintentional Consequences: Facing the Risks of Being a Youth Activist
Darren E. Lund, Rae Ann Van Beers 3-17

Communicating Elevated Academic Expectations: Positioning Students as Thinkers with Ideas to Share
Jennifer Mitton, Lia Lewis, Savannah MacDonald 18-45

Digital Citizenship in Ontario Education: A Concept Analysis
Alexander Davis 46-62

Unleashing the Learners: Teacher Self-Efficacy in Facilitating School-Based Makerspaces
Marguerite Koole, Kerry Anderson, Jay Wilson 63-84

A Vision Towards Indigenous Education Sovereignty in Northwestern Ontario
Melissa Oskineegish and Leisa Desmoulins 85-102

Understanding Meaningful Exchanges: Mathematics Discourse Analysis and Complexity Thinking
Evan Throop Robinson 103-138
in education is a peer-reviewed, open access journal based in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina, in Saskatchewan, Canada. The journal has been in existence since 1993, but published its first issue as an online journal in December of 2009.

The editorial board invites scholarly articles and reviews of works that explore ideas in teacher education, as well as broader and more inclusive discussions in education. We envision works that augment the latitude and significance of the idea of education, while acknowledging the ubiquitous growth of the digital arts and sciences in the everyday practice of life and how that might (in)form notions of formal and informal education. We encourage the submission of high quality works that travel across the qualitative and quantitative research landscape engendering conversations in thoughtful and innovative ways.This may include but is not limited to works in the following areas: ethnography, poststructuralist, postmodern and postcolonial approaches, queer theory, arts-based research, bricolage, narrative inquiry, autoethnography, critical theory, phenomenology, hermeneutics, or mixed methods. Submit your manuscript at

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