Participating in Research

Pool of Research Participants

Every semester instructors of up to 50 BUS courses allow you to add research credit to your final grade.

Get involved in research projects run by the Faculty of Business professors to earn up to 2 marks in participating BUS courses! A study will require from 30 min to 2 hours of your time. Note: you have to be in good standing in the class to use research credit.

For current members, login to the SONA system often to see when new studies become available.

If you have not registered yet, create an account. You MUST have access to your U of R email as SONA requires you to use your UofR email as ID and the password is sent to your U of R email.

The link is also found here: U of R full website page > Faculties and Academic Units > Business Administration > Quick Links (on the right side of the page) > Pool of Research Participants > EMS system/SONA.

For questions email