(Sample) Completed Projects

Identification of Potential Markets

In order to perform this project and identify potential market opportunities in the cultural industries, we started by examining the demand in Canada for this specific market for our client. We then selected five locations to conduct a secondary research on reliable websites/sources. We collected all data available for those sites. After analyzing the figures, we narrowed our research down in the two of more promising cities. In addition to secondary research, we conducted primary research to have a deep understanding of those markets. We concluded our project by providing recommendations to our client on where to pursue market opportunities and the alternative methods to approach the market.

Creation of a New Organization

We were asked to create a vision, business model and related foundational components for a new organization in this specific industry based on the collaboration of three different founding organizations. First, we held a facilitated session of key stakeholders to determine the collective vision for the organization. Based on the outcome of this session, we analyzed several business models and presented the pros and cons of each to our client. Eventually we made a recommendation regarding the optimal business model for the company. We then developed the business model, governance model and funding model for this organization. We concluded our project by presenting the recommendations to our client and providing a very detailed report.

Identification of the Effects of Literacy Intervention on Children and Society

We were asked to evaluate the long-term economic and social impacts that literacy interventions has on children as well as on the society. In order to perform this work, we performed secondary research on a reliable source that conducts surveys all across Canada. We then analyzed the data to compare the effects that the interventions had on children and society versus the effects of no intervention on children and society. We concluded our project by providing all the statistical data in an easy-to-ready report and making a presentation indicating the expected economic and societal impacts of the subject literacy intervention for children.

Identification of Construction Costs

Our client desired to understand the residential construction cost drivers and examine financial impacts of government policy decisions. Since this was the third update we performed of this project for this client, we used the previous studies to compare the data and use them as a benchmarking. We started the project by reviewing the information from previous studies. We then collected the newest data available through secondary research. Thereafter, we conducted primary research to gather additional data and information. The data was compiled, analyzed, and presented to our client. We concluded our project by providing a detailed report.

Identification of Market Size and Competition Position

Our client requested that we identify the size of a specific market in Saskatchewan, competitive analysis, and market share. In order to perform this work, we conducted secondary research to determine the organizations that should be considered in our research. We then used secondary and primary research to collect additional data to identify the size of the market as well as market share. We also used the data to segment our client’s customers based on criteria provided. We concluded our project by identifying market opportunities for our client, outlining recommendations, and providing an action plan to guide our client’s actions.