Student and Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“The Market Research Plan provided information & research that was extremely beneficial in making critical decisions about our long term and short term business goals!”

Corey Fransishyn, P.M.P., Acct. Tech. Controller

“I would give the Centre full marks when it comes to quality of work and professionalism. The work reflected an ‘above and beyond’ attitude in a number of areas that speaks volumes to the professionalism of the staff. They were great to work with and very responsive to our needs.”

– Andrew Zapwell, Co-founder of Zapwell Communications Group


Student Testimonials

“I had the opportunity of working within the CMD for an eight month coop work term and it was the best work experience I have had. As the CMD is a part of my faculty, I was always encouraged to use my classroom knowledge and apply it to my work, which is something I had not experienced in other work terms. Being able to work with such a great amount of independence on research and consulting projects was not something I had ever envisioned I would experience while still being enrolled in studies; I believe this is a huge advantage that will continue to benefit me in future opportunities. I could not have asked for a more supportive and welcoming environment to be a part of for my coop experience.” Shandi Van De Sype

“Working with CMD has been a very unique growth and learning opportunity. I got hands on experience on projects and opportunity to apply my academic skills and previous experience. I would highly recommend this role to any curious and creative individual who loves challenges.” Khaleel Soomro

“Working for the Centre for Management Development (CMD) in the final year of my undergraduate degree was incredibly valuable. The experience provided me with knowledge that will be useful for my personal life and career, not only from the results of the analyses, but also in learning how to effectively conduct the research. I would highly recommend working for the CMD to anyone who is looking to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to real-world situations.” Stephen Bardutz