Leaders Council Scholar (Dr. Peter Moroz)

Associate Professor (Entrepreneurship)


Entrepreneurship and Prosocial Motivations for Venturing

Emerging out of an opportunity provided by a VPR seed grant, Peter is currently involved as a co-editor for the Journal of Business Venturing’s special issue on “Enterprise Before and Beyond Benefit: A Transdisciplinary Research Agenda for Prosocial Organizing” and will be publishing a co-authored, peer reviewed editorial paper that sets out an agenda for this emerging new transdisciplinary area of research. Moreover, due to his current involvement in the study of B corporations (of which Regina’s own Ten Tree International is now a part of this exciting social movement), Peter has been tasked to lead a special forum issue for JBV on B corporations and business model innovation. This will lead to a second peer reviewed agenda setting publication.  Both articles are due in 2018. Peter continues to engage in new areas of study in the area of entrepreneurship in general and prosocially motivated venturing in particular that seek to contribute to theoretical and practical areas or research that intersect category and signaling theory, how ‘doing good’ may be significant to growth, imprinting theory, organizational design theory and the nature of opportunities.

Indigenous Entrepreneurship

Dr. Moroz is also currently completing work that seeks to blend mainstream and Indigenous knowledge through applying and extending mainstream concepts into Indigenous research and vice versa, mainly looking at the intersection of concepts such as strategic alliances, well being, institutional voids and common property rights with entrepreneurship. Five papers are currently in development that seek to understand the relationship between bricolage and collective community entrepreneurship, Aboriginal entrepreneurship education, the intersection of CSR and First Nation strategic alliances, and how institutional entrepreneurship plays a role in understanding the unique context of Indigenous venturing in the oil and gas sector.

Newcomer, First Nation and Female Entrepreneurship Through Transition

A second VPR seed grant and partnership with the Raj Manek Mentorship Program has allowed for discovery to be conducted in the area of entrepreneurship through transition.  Peter will be building a new research program from leaders council funding, the VPR grant and hopefully SSHRC funding to look into this unexplored area of transition that is identified as being vital to not just Saskatchewan and Canada, but other nations across the world.