Community and Workplace Well-Being, Health, & Safety

The central tenet of this area is to develop and disseminate research knowledge to improve the well-being, health, and safety of Canadians in both the workplace and the broader community context. Key topics of research in this area include mental and physical health and well-being, judgment and decision-making, decision support systems, social marketing of public health campaigns, occupational safety perceptions and behaviors, labour rights, as well as protection for marginalized individuals, groups and organizations. This cluster is also aligning research with the teaching needs of the LGSB Public Safety Management program, looking at management and leadership for trauma informed work places. This cluster includes faculty members in Marketing, Operations Management, Organization Studies, and Clinical Psychology. In addition, work in this area connects faculty researchers to the Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety, WorkSafe Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Center for Patient Oriented Research (SCPOR), and the Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment.



Eman Almehdawe

Associate Professor (Operations Management)



Shadi Beshai

Associate Member (Psychology)



R. Nicholas Carleton

Associate Member (Psychology)



Shelagh Campbell

Associate Professor (Business Ethics, Human Resources/Industrial Relations)



Magdalena Cismaru

Professor (Marketing)



Romulus Cismaru

Instructor (Operations Management)



Gina Grandy

Professor (Strategy and Leadership)



Tatiana Levit

Assistant Professor (Marketing)



Jim Mason

Associate Professor (Operations Management)



Andrew Stevens

Associate Professor (Industrial Relations, Human Resources Management)



Sean Tucker

Associate Professor (Human Resources Management)



Lisa Watson

Associate Professor (Marketing)