Teaching & Learning

Research in this area addresses all aspects of teaching and learning including mentorship, collaboration, creativity, managing change and transitioning (e.g., in university setting), leadership development, business modeling, the use of technology in the classroom, bullying and harassment. Research focusing on particular populations has included K-12 Indigenous programming, business students’ first year experience and guiding a diverse mix of business students with implications for university administrators, instructors and students. Our faculty has been bringing real world scenarios to the classroom by developing cases (some of which cover strategy type subject work – governance, strategic planning, competitive positioning and leadership). Other topics include researcher reflexivity and qualitative research methods.



Bruce Anderson

Instructor (Strategy and Policy)



Magdalena Cismaru

Professor (Marketing)



Romulus Cismaru

Instructor (Operations Management)



Gina Grandy

Professor (Strategy and Leadership)



Nola Joorisity

Lecturer (Introduction to Business and Accounting)



Tatiana Levit

Assistant Professor (Marketing)



Wallace Lockhart

Associate Professor (Accounting)



Jim Mason

Associate Professor (Operations Management)



Brian Schumacher

Lecturer (Communications and Strategy)