The Lab

The Hill/Levene Schools of Business at the University of Regina are proud to be home of the Laboratory for Behavioral Business Research (LaBBR). The lab is a brand-new, state of the art space that was built with the support of the Canadian Foundation for Innovation. The lab boasts a highly configurable space suitable for all types of behavioral research (from storefront consumer behavior simulations to group dynamics research, and everything in between). We have dozens of modular touchscreen laptops for data collection, as well as eyetracking equipment (both stationary and mobile), and psychophysiological measures (heart rate, skin conductance, breathing rate).

The LaBBR was designed for the generation of primary knowledge, but we are always happy to partner with any organizations to conduct cutting edge, relevant applied research! If you are interested in such collaboration, please contact the director of the LaBBR, Professor Sandeep Mishra.


Lab bookings are handled by the director of the LaBBR, and are subject to the LaBBR Rules and Regulations passed by Faculty Council.


The Hill/Levene Schools of Business boasts its own subject pool. More information on the subject pool (for both students and faculty) can be found here.