Views From the Library – Tiny Tree Stump Library!


The University of Regina Library, aka Archer Library, is proud to work with three other libraries on campus through the Federated Colleges:  Luther Library,  Campion Library,  and the First Nations University of Canada Library.  Students, staff and faculty are able to utilize services in all of the libraries across campus.

Around the world,  libraries come in all shapes and sizes.  You’ve probably heard of Tiny Libraries, Community Libraries or Little Free Libraries:  an individual or a neighbourhood sets up a little post-box style shelter where folks can come and “borrow” books that people voluntarily place in the box.  They serve many purposes (some are even set up as food banks),  but perhaps the most exciting are that they a) Promote community involvement, sharing and giving  b)  They provide reading material to those who may have difficulty accessing their local library  and c) They’re fun!

They’ve popped up across the world,  and you may even have seen some in our fair province!

Featured above is an amazing tiny library that a librarian built in an old tree stump!  Check out the following link (also the photo credit) to read about this amazing little library.