The Surprise in the Book Drop: Tabs, Tabs, Tabs

surprise book drop

As the end of the semester approaches, book returns increase in number.  Library staff are busy scanning books in, loading them onto carts, and sending them upstairs for re-shelving.  One thing we’re also busy with…removing sticky tabs from returned books.


We realize that this is a busy time of year for everyone, but we kindly ask that you remove your tabs from your books before returning them.  On days when we have hundreds of books returned, it can take up a lot of precious staff time to remove tabs and post-its from books.  If it all possible, please use non-sticky page markers; sometimes the sticky tabs can tear fragile pages on older books when they’re removed.

The staff thank you for your consideration.  Good luck on your exams and have a great summer!


National Canadian Film Day 2019

Need a break from studying? On Wednesday, April 17, take a few hours to celebrate National Canadian Film Day. Enjoy a screening of Window Horses and a talk by Dr. Christine Ramsay and Professor Gerald Saul, Department of Film. Refreshments will be served.

National Pet Day: Create-Your-Own meme contest

Today is National Pet Day and the last day of classes for the Winter 2019 semester!


Create an original meme, preferable with one of your pet photos, about why the Archer Library is a great place to study for your finals. Share your (g-rated) meme with us for a chance to win one of three $10.00 Tim Hortons Gift Cards! You can make memes using PowerPoint or through the online meme generator:

Email us your meme (include your name and UofR student number) by Wednesday, April 17th at midnight for a chance to win. Winners will be drawn on Thursday, April 18th.

This contest is only open to students registered in the current winter semester. By submitting an entry, entrants agree that the Dr. John Archer Library may use, repost, and publish entries. Meme creators will be credited if/when their entries are used.

Views From the Library – The 3D Printer At Our Door



Libraries are forever evolving and growing with the time and society they serve.  Libraries also do more than adapt to changing needs;  they become places of creativity and innovation.  Some of the greatest trends across the library world right now involve community programming and makerspaces.  Academic libraries are certainly no exception,  and while our focus is perhaps more scholarly-oriented than a public library,  academic libraries are amazing hubs for creative thinking, invention and ingenuity.

Did you know we have a 3D printer at Archer Library?  Perhaps one of the most auspicious technologies of our time,  the potential of a 3D printer is limitless.  Whether it’s an original project or an idea from a 3D object repository, having a design created on campus is as simple as filling out a form (links to repositories and FAQ’s too!):

So whether you were on campus at the time of the proud launch of our 3D Printer, or you are just learning about the technology now:  the next time you walk into Archer library, take a peak at the 3D printer to your left, and remember that the creative possibilities in a library are infinite.