Welcome to the new @Archer

As the (relatively) new University Librarian, I want to welcome you to the @Archer blog. There are exciting things happening in your Library, throughout the campus, and across the library and information universe.

This blog will showcase not just the Archer Library, but also explore some of the larger issues facing students, scholars, researchers, librarians, archivists, life-long learners and knowledge/content creators.

Even though every day there seems to be new rules, laws or algorithms trying to restrict the flow of information, all of us are inundated with random data and facts at every turn; social media, news sites, blog posts combined with traditional forms of publishing all contribute to information overload. Librarians, archivists and library staff are an integral part of the scholarly communication process, and through this blog we will explore challenges, opportunities and solutions to the issues facing all of us.

If you have any thoughts or comments about what you see on the blog, or if you have ideas about the University Library, its collections or services you can always email me directly at University.Librarian@uregina.ca.

-Brett Waytuck, University Librarian