Views From the Library – Archer as an Art Gallery

Collage 1.jpg

Libraries have a long and proud history of displaying artwork, often donated pieces and local art from the community.  You may have noticed the previous blog post about the Riding Is Resistance exhibition opening reception, held in the Archway Exhibition Space.  This is an amazing collection of works created by students of Scott Collegiate.  For more information, visit the blog post here:

Archer Library proudly displays many other works of art throughout the building.  Wandering through the library,  perhaps you wondered about the pieces,  or stopped to take a selfie with an inspiring work.  Information about art on campus can be found here:

The pieces in the collage above can be found (left to right, top to bottom) outside the main elevators,  at the  Help Desk, by Archives,  and of course in the Archer Exhibition Space.  Come by Archer to view these incredible works!