Upcoming OER Sessions

As mentioned in Open Education Week, we have two more upcoming sessions related to OER:

Creative Commons Licensing: Join Christina Winter and Brad Doerksen on March 22nd at 11am for a session on Creative Commons licenses. (Image credit: “CC Buttons – Gold” by creativecommoners is marked with CC BY 2.0. )

Finding and Evaluating OER: Join Cara Bradley on March 24th at 11am for a workshop on finding and evaluating Open Educational Resources (OERs) (Image credit: “OER is sharing” by giulia.forsythe is marked with CC0 1.0.)

For more information and Zoom links please contact Christina, Cara, or Isaac Mulolani via university email or here https://opentextbooks.uregina.ca/#contact

Did you know that the University of Regina is a signatory of the new open access agreement with IOP Publishing? Learn more about the agreement here – https://publishingsupport.iopscience.iop.org/…/researc…/