Through Blue Installation #2

Next time you’re in the Archer Library, drop by the main floor display case to see the newly updated Through Blue installation. Through Blue is a project by students in Risa Horowitz’s cyanotype photography class, and it is a living installation that is intended to change over the course of its residency in the Archer display unit.

For the past several weeks, students have been working on making cyanotype photographs using digital negatives. As with their Herbarium specimens displayed previously, these new images are made using a contact printing process, where the printed negative is sandwiched between the coated/sensitized paper and glass. What is different, however, is that instead of silhouettes in the negative, these are continuous tone (mostly) representational images.

Once again these students have presented impressive artworks using the cyanotype process to explore their personalized choices of imagery within each of their unique art practices.

Please visit the library, and visit the class blog to read through each of the artist’s blog posts to learn more about their technical, material, and thematic approaches, from trekking in Nepal to family histories, imaginary worlds to real-world social justice.