Open Access Week: Open Data

October 25-31, 2021 is the 14th annual Open Access Week, a global, community-driven week of action to open up access to research. The University of Regina Library is taking this opportunity to share some of our work to expand your access to our University’s research.

Today’s highlighted service is:

Open Data

The University of Regina Library can help you find open data collected by others, including governments, to support your research. Open data collected, analyzed, and shared by federal, provincial, and municipal governments can supplement your research in various ways. Besides being free and saving time, open government data can allow for longitudinal analysis, includes data at various geographic levels, and can be used with primary research data. On the federal level alone, researchers can access 26,000 datasets from multiple agencies.

The Library can also help you deposit your research data in a repository. Depositing your research data in a repository has many benefits. You’re not just preserving your data, you’re increasing your research impact. Open data repositories allow you to track downloads and connect with other researchers, meaning you have another metric to measure your research impact. Open data deposit benefits the research community by encouraging collaboration, creating interdisciplinary research, and moving your field of research forward. Most repositories now allow for various levels of access and put more control in researchers’ hands, so consider open data deposit.

For further information or assistance, contact Kaetlyn Phillips, Data Librarian, at

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