Meet the Staff: Jennifer Hall

Jennifer has been with the Archer Library for 14 years as a Library User Services Assistant.  She has rather stereotypical library-worker interests: coffee, reading, and crafting (mostly crocheting).  With degrees in palaeobiology, she also maintains an intense interest in all forms of ancient life.  If you see a staff member wearing a dinosaur skirt, that’s probably Jennifer.

jen staff profile


What’s the one book you suggest everyone read? Why?

Wonderful Life by Stephen Jay Gould.  Gould’s language and heavy use of taxonomic jargon may be off-putting for many, but his underlying message about the randomness and wonder of life on earth is incredibly powerful.


Who are your favourite writers?

Jane Austen, L. M. Montgomery, S. J. Gould


What’s one skill that everyone should develop?



Which person – living or dead –  do you most admire?

Jane Goodall, for her courage, determination, intelligence, and optimism.  She had a dream for her life and didn’t let her lack of formal education or gender deter her from pursuing it.  She changed how we view our closest living relatives and how we view ourselves within the context of the animal kingdom.  Her lifelong commitment to conservation and environmental responsibility is something that should inspire us all.


What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Cliché mom answer, but…my children.  Second to that: surviving grad school.


What’s one powerful piece of advice for living a fulfilling life?

Don’t keep telling yourself that “I’ll be happy when…”.  Find the joy and goodness in where you are right now.