Friday Library Feature: Point and Click Team

To bring a little fun to your rainy Friday, check out this story from some of our library teammates. Enjoy!

Creativity Soars while Working from Home

Working from home was an adjustment for all of us.  The physical separation from coworkers was quickly replaced by using connective technologies such as Zoom.

As creative individuals, we opted to turn the “problem” of working from home into a unique opportunity to explore and create new ways to deliver library information.

Thus began the “Point & Click” team, combining the diverse expertise of Corina van den Berg, Doris Hein and Angela Lucas. 

Corina brings extensive research skills for finding content related to online library instruction.  Her knowledge and expertise at evaluating other libraries’ information literacy resources is the foundation of the team’s content creation.

Doris is the team’s wordsmith, editor and voice actor.  Her writing skills ensure our scripts are in the appropriate style for online content and the language used is suitable for our target audiences.  Her well-articulated script readings bring another level of engagement and life to our videos.

Angela brings professional experience as a traditional/digital artist and content creator.  Her knowledge of art, visual language and creative technologies expands the team’s ability to develop interactive content on a variety of platforms.

Working together in a “virtual” environment has unleashed a flood of creative ideas and productive collaboration.  The team has researched, written and produced three concept videos and a gamification escape room to introduce research nomenclature to first year students.

The “Point and Click” team is committed to continue creating engaging yet informative online experiences for our students.”

Corina van den Berg MSc
Doris Hein BA(Hons)
Angela Lucas MFA