Dr. George F. Ledingham Herbarium Collection

The Dr. George F. Ledingham Herbarium Collection is now live online via the Library’s website. Dr. Ledingham (1911-2006) established a Herbarium at the University of Regina (then Regina College) in 1945. Under his direction, the collection grew to include an incredible 70,000 plant specimens and a rich legacy of other records (including journals, photographic materials and birding records).

The Herbarium Collection currently features two subcollections: Dr. Ledingham’s journals, which were digitized by Mariko Sawa (Archives Honours Student), and Dr. Ledingham’s records of birds, digitized by Mason Hauserman (Archives Arts Intern).

Access the full collection here: https://casls-regina.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/collectionDiscovery?vid=01CASLS_REGINA:01CASLS_REGINA&inst=01CASLS_REGINA&collectionId=81311309340003476