Celebrating Women’s History Month 2021: Alaa Murabit

October is Women’s History Month in Canada. Throughout the month we are highlighting remarkable women through history to the present day, and featuring some of their works in our library collection.

This week we are showcasing Dr. Alaa Murabit. From the Government of Canada on Women of Impact in science, technology, engineering and mathematics: “Alaa Murabit is a physician, an international advocate for inclusive peace processes, a UN High-Level Commissioner on Health Employment and Economic Growth, and one of 17 UN-appointed Global Sustainable Development Goal Advocates. Born in 1989 to Muslim parents in Saskatoon, Murabit grew up with her 10 siblings in a household where girls and boys were treated equally, an example she carried into her personal and professional life.” (Read more here)

While still early in her thriving career, a number of articles of interest by and about her can be found here in our collection.
Dr. Murabit’s website can be found here.
Her influential TEDWomen 2015 lecture can be found here.

More historical trivia!!! (Women in Canadian History: A Timeline):

1867: “Dr. Emily Stowe, first Canadian woman physician to practice in Canada.”
1954: “1954: Elsie Knott, first woman elected chief of a First Nation community.”
2017: “Canada took action against gender-based violence” (first federal strategy)”

Alaa Murabit Photo: Image Source