Behind the Scenes: The Basement

There are hidden worlds within libraries that the public usually never gets to see. One of the Archer Library’s secret spots is the basement storage, filled with rows upon rows of archival treasures, carefully curated in boxes.

Although it’s a large space, it can give one the feeling of claustrophobia as you walk through the densely packed shelves. The dim lighting and grey concrete walls give it a thrillingly eerie quality. There’s always the temptation to frequently look behind you, just in case…

Regina author Gail Bowen was obviously inspired by this creepy setting and used it as the scene of a murder in Burying Ariel, one of the books in the Joanne Kilbourn series. You can find Burying Ariel – and other works by Bowen – in the Archer Library. Don’t worry – you won’t have to go into the basement to find them!

Archer Library, 4th floor, call number PS 8553 O8995 B87 2000