3D Printing Violins

Violin making is a skill that requires many years of practice and refining. Traditionally only the best woods and tools are used in this craft by incredibly talented artists, but with the rise of new technology opportunities to use different mediums and methods have become available to the general public.


Hovalin has designed a printable set of 3D files that individuals can download and use to print their own working violin. Over the summer months the Archer Library worked with student Tushar Sanvaliya to print an ocean blue violin from Hovalin. The large and complex print took several weeks to complete, with the larger pieces taking upwards of 30 hours for the machine to finish. Once all the components were completed Tushar assembled the violin and purchased strings and pegs making the instrument a playable, fully functional violin. “I thought printing a violin would be a cool possibility but Hovalin and Gillian at the Archer Library made that a reality. Its amazing to own a 3D printed instrument!” – Mr. Sanvaliya.

The Archer Library 3D printer has been busier than ever with upwards of 30-40 prints in the queue at any given time. If you have any questions or would like to submit your own design please visit our 3D print web page for more details.