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Funding announcement Dr. Sara Schroeter

Congratulations to #UREdu Dr. Sara Schroeter (PI) and co-investigators: Dr. Arjun Tremblay, Dr. Léonie Mvumbi-Mambu, and Dr. Jérôme Melançon on receiving a $25,000 SSHRC/CRSH Connections Grant to host the upcoming Center for Franco-Canadian West Studies (CEFCO) conference “Privilèges et marginalisations dans la francophonie: Réflexions et action”.


Conference details at

Educational Milpas: Socio-Natural Frameworks for Well-Being

The Faculty of Education enjoyed a Lunch and Learn presentation organized by the Dean’s office entitled, “Educational Milpas (Milpas Educativas): Socio-natural Frameworks for Well-Being” (“Milpa” means cornfield) with Dr. Stefano Claudio Sartorello, Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City). The presentation was recorded Thursday, January 21, 2021.

Institutional racism and the implications for faculties of education

On September 30, (#OrangeShirtDay) Dr. Jerome Cranston (#UREdu Dean and Professor) was keynote lecturer for the University of Manitoba’s Distinguished Lecturer Virtual Series.  Cranston addressed how amid the current period of racial reckoning, those responsible for teacher preparation, preservice and in-service education, need to confront and (re)consider how higher education has reified systemic racism.

New Indigenous Speaker Series

Whisperings of the Land is the theme for a new Indigenous Speaker’s Series towards understanding Indigenization. Indigenous people have always had a close relationship to the land. There has also been an historical disruption in land relocations, land desecration and pillaging for economic gain. Our presenters will relate to how the land speaks to them.

The first speaker will be Dr. James Daschuk, author of Clearing the Plains.

January 23, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. (noon)

Education Building, Room 210

The Indigenous Speaker Series is open to all Education faculty, staff, and students.