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Dr. Garth Pickard

Dr. Garth Pickard is Professor Emeritus at the University of Regina (Faculty of Education) and is currently a Research Scientist with the University of Regina Institute of Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Communities (IEESC). Garth is also directly affiliated with the UNESCO International Network for Re-orienting Teacher Education towards Sustainability and the United Nations University Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development – Coordinator of Sustainable Infrastructure.

Dr. Pickard was the Director for the University of Regina, Office of International Cooperation and Development, the Associate Dean of Education (Program), and the Director of Professional Development in the Faculty of Education. He served as the Director of the Canada, China University Linkage Program, and the Special University Linkage Consolidation Program for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) from 1992 to 2005 and Director of the Centre for International Teacher Education from 1992 to 2000. Garth has lectured in the curriculum areas of Physical Education, Outdoor Education, Educational Administration, and Sustainability and has taught at Brock University, York University, and the University of Alberta.

Garth’s main research interests lie in sustainability as related to energy, environment and sustainable communities, re-orienting teacher education to address sustainability, organizational problem-solving, policy implementation, and personnel development.

Faculty under construction

Have you been wondering what is going on in the Faculty of Education?

The Faculty is currently undergoing construction for two capital projects.

Second floor construction began in November 2016. The former SIDRU offices along with some faculty offices are being transformed into a Decolonized Education Counselling Centre. See the plan below:

At the end of March, the third floor Student Program Centre along with faculty offices on the north end began their transformation into an Integrated Service Centre. This renovation will bring together the General Office, the Professional Development & Field Experiences Office, the Office of Research and Graduate Programs in Education, and the Student Program Centre.

During the renovations the Student Program Centre (academic advising) is in Ed 228 (Teaching Preparation Centre). The Professional Development and Field Experiences Office and General Office are currently located in Ed 253.

Student Program Centre (academic advising) is in Ed 228 (Teaching Preparation Centre).
The Professional Development and Field Experiences Office and General Office are currently located in Ed 253.

New appointment – Education Core Studies

Alison Molina-Girón was born and raised in Honduras where she completed her under-graduate studies in special education. After receiving her Masters in inclusive education from the University of Kansas, she joined the Department of Education at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazán where she taught courses on inclusive education.

She has worked as a school teacher with distinct populations including low-income and Indigenous students as well as students with disabilities in Honduras, Panama, and United States. Her experiences with students on the margins furthered her interests and commitment to advancing anti-oppressive, and social justice education.

Alison’s SSHRC-funded doctoral research examines the practice of citizenship education in Canada, with a focus on how conceptions of good citizenship, cultural diversity, and inequality are taught in the classroom, and the degree to which this prepares students to be actively engaged citizens in civic and political life.