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U of R doctoral candidate returns to China for EFL internship

Moving Towards Ethical Internationalization: Bridging Plural Knowledges in English as Foreign Language Curriculum and Instruction.

In 2014, as part of University of Regina/Chengdu University of Technology’s (CDUT) partnership, an ethical internationalization in higher education research and instructional program was conceptualized and initiated by Professor and Dean, Duan Cheng and Associate Professor, Zheng Huan (CDUT, College of Foreign Languages and Cultures), Dr. Fran Martin (University of Exeter, Graduate School of Education) and Professor Fatima Pirbhai-Illich (University of Regina, Faculty of Education).

Over the past five years, Drs. Martin and Pirbhai-Illich have engaged in academic work at CDUT that has focused specifically on learning and engaging in ethical internationalization practices in higher education in the College of Foreign Languages and Culture. Dr. Martin, Associate Professor Zheng Huan and Professor Pirbhai-Illich conducted research and in 2016, disseminated findings at a conference on Internationalising Higher Education at Simon Fraser University. They have also co-authored one journal article titled “The critical intercultural dimension of the processes of internationalization in higher education” which is under review.

Graduate Students Invited to University of Regina for Doctoral Program.

As part of the overall project, for the past three years, Dr. Pirbhai-Illich has invited one graduate student each year to apply for entry into the Faculty of Education’s doctoral program. Each doctoral student takes their required courses with faculty members and for their doctoral research project, engages in academic work with Dr. Pirbhai-Illich to understand issues around plural knowledges, curriculum and instruction in teaching English as a Foreign Language, and working towards ethical ways of doing education that honour and bridge the best of these knowledges for their particular context.

CDUT Sponsors Former Student to Return to China for EFL Internship,

Miss Feng Leyuan, doctoral candidate, University of Regina

In 2018, CDUT sponsored Dr. Pirbhai-Illich’s doctoral student, Fadi Tannouri from the English Language Institute at the University of Regina to visit, learn and teach Academic English in the Chinese context. This year, CDUT has sponsored one of its own former graduate students, Miss Feng Leyuan. Now entering her third year of the doctoral program in the Faculty of Education, University of Regina, Miss Feng Leyuan has returned for two months with Dr. Pirbhai-Illich as a preservice teacher to her alma mater to teach and engage in a 3-week English as Foreign Language internship program under the guidance of lecturers, Ms. Chen Fan, Ms. Luo Yuan, Mr. Zhou Yi and Dr. Pirbhai-Illich.

On June 19, Miss Feng Leyuan presented her first paper to faculty and graduate students at CDUT titled, “A self-study of my journey: Working towards becoming an ethical global educator of English as a Foreign Language.” Miss Feng Leyuan is the first of the three doctoral students to return to CDUT.




Internship seminars for fall 2018 begin with new manager

Blair Gullickson, who joined the Faculty of Education on August 13 as Manager of Student Placements and Field Experiences after 19 years as a school-based administrator, has a quick initiation into this part of his role, with the annual internship seminars beginning on August 22.

Internship seminars began yesterday, bringing student interns together with their co-op teachers to meet and develop their plans for working together this fall. Interns spend a 4-month term in schools as part of their undergraduate programs. This year, newly appointed Manager of Student Placements and Field Experiences, Blair Gullickson, took to the stage for the introductory session just over a week after he began his new role.

Fall 2018 Internship Seminar dates to remember

In the late summer and fall, 4th-year education students participate in Internship Seminars where they will meet the teachers with whom they will be working for the fall term. The interns then go out into schools for the fall term. The number of field experiences in our education programs is a distinctive aspect of our Faculty, and a reason many choose the University of Regina for their teacher-education program.

The following are the Fall 2018 Internship Seminar Dates:

August 22 – 23 (U. of R.)

September 6 – 7 (Travelodge; Regina)

September 13 -14 (Travelodge; Regina)

September 20 – 21 (Travelodge; Regina)

September 27 – 28 (Travelodge; Regina)

(Lunch will be provided both days for all seminars)

Rural Internship Placement Scholarships!

Because of our commitment to student success and community engagement, we have created a one-time Rural Internship Scholarship!

We are able to support 50 interns, with an up to $2000 scholarship for each intern.
This scholarship can only be applied to tuition for internship.

Steps to Apply

1. Visit the Google Doc titled Internship in Rural Saskatchewan-Fall 2018 for the list of communities and schools eligible for this Rural Internship Scholarship. The spots eligible for this Scholarship are highlighted in yellow.

2. Add your name to the placement spot that has not been filled. (Those who have already signed up for internship outside of Regina will find your names already included in this Google Doc.)

3. If you have already filled out the online Internship application for interning in communities that are not on the eligible list but you would like to be considered for a community that is eligible, contact Louise by February 16, 2018 at 306-585-4521 or email:

The criteria for this Rural Internship Scholarship is successful completion of your pre-internship and recommendation from your Program area to proceed to internship.

If you have any question about this Rural Internship Scholarship please feel free to contact Louise at 306-585-4521

Students learn about diverse internship placements opportunities

On Wednesday, December 6th, Education students attended an Education Internship Fair, with Alumni and School Division Panels discussing diverse internship placements. (See below pre-intern Janae Prediger’s comment posted on Twitter)

Students Attend Internship Orientation

There was an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation as students who have completed their 3-week pre-internship block congregated to attend an Internship Orientation this morning in the Education Auditorium.

In the late summer and fall,  students will also participate in Internship Seminars where they will meet the teachers with whom they will be working. The interns will then be going out into schools for their fall 2016 semester.

Through their classes, students have been preparing and planning units for their teaching practicums, (and some of their summer will also be used for preparation). In their internship, they will be teaching entire units to students in schools and engaging with the realities and busyness of teacher life.

Working Out Expectations at Internship Seminar

IMG_4472 IMG_4473 IMG_4483 IMG_4484 IMG_4488 IMG_4489Interns and cooperating teachers can be found in every nook and cranny of the Faculty of Education as they participate in the second day of their internship seminar.

Cooperating Teacher Cathy Truong says, “This seminar is really helpful and valuable.”  Intern Kristen Lowe agrees, “I feel really lucky to be participating in this seminar.”  As interns and cooperating teachers work together, some of their discussions are focused around the Internship Placement Profile (IPP) evaluation sheet, which lists qualities, skills, and competencies necessary for preservice teachers to develop personally and professionally during their internship. Kristen says, “Going through the list helps to establish expectations for the internship.”

Using a template, interns and cooperating teachers also develop a contract together. Manager of Field Placements Jerry Orban says, “The contract details the working relationship between the interns and the cooperating teachers, everything from where to park to what each will be doing, in which classes, and what dates to expect. It’s a work in progress and each contract will be different.” The understanding that interns and cooperating teachers reach during internship seminar supports the working relationship throughout the internship.

The internship seminar provides a 3-day block of focused time for interns and cooperating teachers to establish working relationships and to discuss their expectations before the busy school year begins. The fourth-year internship is one way that the Faculty of Education demonstrates its commitment to assisting preservice teachers in becoming knowledgeable, competent, and caring teachers.