#TreatyEdCamp Recognized at Legislative Assembly

MLA and NDP Deputy Leader Trent Wotherspoon recognized the Faculty of Education’s #TreatyEdCamp in the legislature on November 19, 2015 (transcript below or see page 7723 of the online copy ).

“Mr. Wotherspoon: — On November 4th, the U of R [University of Regina] hosted a progressive and impressive learning opportunity for teachers here in Saskatchewan. The Treaty Edcamp was a professional development event organized by the U of R chapter of the Student Teachers Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppressive Society with the support of the Faculty of Education and Dean, Dr. Jennifer Tupper. We know how important treaty education is for our province. Every acre is covered by treaty and every resident is party to the treaty.

There were more than 30 presenters leading the discussions about how to incorporate treaty education into classrooms, creating a rich learning opportunity. Also impressive were the 250 teachers and students from across Saskatchewan that came to Regina to attend the camp on their own time on a Saturday. Some sessions focused on how to incorporate the treaties into math and science; others focused on strategies for talking about dark parts of our history with young students — all important topics for reconciliation in our province.

And so I ask all members to join me in thanking Meagan Dobson, Katia Hildebrandt, Raquel Bellefleur for their work in organizing this conference and in recognizing the important work being done by students, teachers, elders, professors, educators, and administrators across our province to ensure that every student in Saskatchewan learns how important treaties have been in shaping Saskatchewan’s past and the fundamental role they must play in our province’s future if Saskatchewan is going to reach its full potential. We are, after all, all treaty people. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.” (Debates and Proceedings)

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