BEAD Convocation Prize Fall convocation

Jillian Durham, BEAD’22

The Bachelor of Education After Degree (BEAD) Convocation Prize was established by the Faculty of Education to encourage and recognize BEAD students. The BEAD Convocation prize is awarded to the most distinguished graduate, with an overall internship rating of “Outstanding” and the highest grade point average in the program.

Congratulations to Jillian Marie Durham, Bachelor of Education with Great Distinction

Jillian Durham completed her degree through the Yukon Native Teach Education Program with a grade point average of 94.76%. Jillian was also a recipient of the Academic Silver Scholarship in fall 2021. She has lived in Whitehorse, Yukon from the age of 8, spending much of her time at the piano. During high school, she maintained a private music studio, teaching beginner students. Durham has a Bachelor of Music degree from Mount Allison University. Upon completion of her degree, she continued private teaching in Whitehorse where she realized that she had a deep desire to be a school teacher. Durham has also been the musical director of two major productions involving youth, and has been a leading lady for the Frantic Follies as well as the House Manager. She was accompanist and vocal coach for the Cafe de Voix, a showcase for local vocalists, as well.

One memorable accomplishment in her final term of her after degree was the opportunity to present an aesthetic response to learning. Durham was able to use her musical literacy in a meaningful way, which not only allowed for her own deeper learning, but also gave opportunity for her classmates to learn more about her passions and background. This empowering experience is one that she will keep at the forefront as she enters the K- 12 teaching field. Jillian started a temporary position in Whitehorse, Yukon and is pleased to put into practice the lessons she has learned.

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