Intergenerational Learning
in Indigenous Textile Communities of Practice.
Research sites: Chile and Canada.
When the study Intergenerational Learning in Indigenous Communities of Practice, was started, there was a promise that the researcher would ask the women who participated what they wanted to do with the knowledgethey created. So, when the Mapuche women from four communities in Southern Chile met in Temuco in 2014, they were asked how they wanted to share the knowledge of the study. They asked for a book to be produced. Although this did not seem that difficult at the time, writing the book became more difficult with the realization that we were working with an oral culture. As a result, some of the images and stories could not be part of the book. This book does try to share some of the knowledge generated by the study and it is a humble attempt to validate the work of Mapuche women – a work of the head, the hands and the heart. Book Now Available



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