Department of Education Studies, University of British Columbia (Degree conferred 2009). Dissertation: Toward Transformative Learning and a Transnational Feminist Pedagogy: Experiences of Activist-Facilitators Working in Development.

Masters of Adult Education, St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia (Degree conferred 1997). Thesis: Participatory Evaluation: A Pedagogy of Possibility

Bachelor of Education, University of Saskatchewan, Canada (Degree conferred 1989).

Certificate in Korean Studies, Graduate School of International Studies, Yongsei University, Seoul, Korea. (1993).


Unit Director and Associate Professor (current), Adult Education and Human Resources Development Unit, Faculty of Education, University of Regina

Centre Scholar, Centre for the Study of Cooperatives, University of Saskatchewan

Adjunct Professor, Women and Gender Studies Program, University of Regina


Graduate Courses

  • Adult Learning and Society (EAHR931)
  • International Perspectives in Adult Learning (EAHR 870AA)
  • Participatory Approaches to Facilitation & Engagement of Adult Learners (EAHR 870AB)
  • Emerging and Critical Theory, Pedagogy, and Praxis (EAHR870AC / EC&I 871)
  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (EAHR 804)
  • Consulting Practices and Principals (EAHR824)

Undergraduate Courses

  • Facilitating Adult Learning (EAHR 214). Face-to-face and blended delivery.
  • Leadership in Adult Education (EAHR 213) Online
  • Trends and Issues in Training and Development (EAHR 442). Blended instruction.
  • Critical Perspectives on Adult Education and Training (EAHR 440). Blended instruction.
  • Program Evaluation (EAHR 212).
  • Educational Core Studies 100 (EDC100)

Independent Reading Course

  • Intergenerational Learning in Textile Arts (WMGS 350)

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, University of PEI. (2009-10 Term position).

Graduate course

  • Teaching and Learning in the Transnational: Linking democracy, globalization and education (ED 601; course delivered in Fort McMurray, Alta).

Undergraduate courses

  • Integrated Educational Foundations (ED412);
  • Perspectives on Culture and Society (ED463);
  • Introduction to Teaching and School Experience (includes practicum; ED495/6);

Lecturer, University of Saskatchewan

Undergraduate Courses

  • Dept. of Educational Foundations (including NORTEP AND ITEP):
  • Educational Foundations 435.3 – Educational Thought and Values.
  • Instructed: 2002 (Term 2), 2003(T2), 2006 (T2), College of Education, U of S.
  • 2009 (T2) for Northern Teachers Education Program in La Ronge, Sask.
  • 2005 (T2) for Indian Teachers Education Program (ITEP);
  • Centre for Continuing & Distance Education.
  • Educational Foundations 101: Teaching and Education (2001);
  • Education Foundations 482.3 – Women and Education (2008 T2)
  • Dept of Sociology – SOC344.3 – Women, Gender and Development (2005 and 2006)
  • Dept. of Anthropology – ANTH301 – Selected Topics in African Anthropology: Health, gender and food (2007). Co-instructor.

Subject Area Expert for Certificate in Continuing Education, Extension Division, Univ. of Saskatchewan. (2006). Designed course (CACE 35) in case study instruction for online and face-to-face delivery.

Subject Area Content Expert. Assiniboine Community College, Brandon, Manitoba. Developed instructional content for Aboriginal Studies 2 for blended learning. (2004-05).

Aboriginal Services Coordinator at Assiniboine Community College (Student Services) (1998-99, term). Responsible for Elders Program planning and implementation. Advised students in academic planning.

Secondary school teacher for Brandon School Division (1990-98). Developed curriculum and taught a multi-level (Grade 10-12) Native Studies program for the division. Also taught Grades 10-12 history, world issues, and English to youth-at-risk. Developed curricula in world issues for online delivery.

Nonformal education and training

Facilitator and report writer for UNWomen Training for Gender Equality Expert Group (2013). Developed terms of reference, agenda; facilitated international meeting of gender experts (Sept. 22-23, 2013); and wrote report on the same. (Dominican Republic)

Training Manual Development for UNFPA. To develop a training manual exploring the dynamics and inter- linkages between gender equality, cultural sensitivity and human rights. Also facilitated UNFPA (internal) workshop and drafted a concept note on integrating gender, culture and human rights into programming. (contract, 2009).

Pedagogy Expert, UN-INSTRAW. Assistance with conceptualizing and developing training modules on gender mainstreaming and population issues for distance delivery. (Dominican Republic, contract 2009)

Gender Mainstreaming and Training Specialist for Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)-funded Sustainable Water Harvesting and Institutional Strengthening project in Ethiopia. (2005-2008). Oversaw gender integration into $17m project, develop gender-specific programming, including training for regional government; deliver training of trainers and develop training tools in participatory methodologies of HIV/AIDS and gender mainstreaming (EA: Oxfam).

Education Development Program. Extension Division, University of Saskatchewan. (2003-04). Contracted to work on new collaborative projects with faculty, including international and Aboriginal programming. Participated in a bi-cultural exploratory mission to Chile at invitation of national Ministry of Education (Chile) to advise in primary and secondary inter-cultural education programming.

Extension and Outreach Advisor. A CIDA/AUCC project rural development and capacity-building project in Ethiopia,between the University of Saskatchewan (College of Agriculture) and Hawassa University, Ethiopia. Participated in planning mission, base-line study, implementation of extension programs for graduate student research (2003-2005). (EA: U of S/AUCC).

Training of Agriculture Extension Workers. Working on CIDA funded ($7.5m.) WHIST (Water Harvesting and Institutional Strengthening Tigray) project in Ethiopia training extension workers in adult education and extension methodologies (contracts in 2003 & 2004). (EA: Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Assoc).

Acting Director, Indigenous Peoples Program, Extension Division, University of Saskatchewan (2002-03, one year term). Work with program partners, develop proposals, and provide direction in programming. Developed community workshops in research, traditional knowledge, and healing. Collaborated with community-based organizations in delivery and planning of programs. Supervised international internship program.

Lead consultant, African Women in Local Governance Network Workshop, Burkina Faso (2006). Design workshop and training module, facilitate and report on AWLGN meeting and workshop. (EA: Federation of Canadian Municipalities, International Center).

Gender & Training Advisor for CIDA-funded ($4.2m) Canada-Nepal Gender in Organizations (1999-2002). (EA: SALASAN)

Research Project Coordinator at the Centre for the Study of Co-operatives, University of Saskatchewan (term, 2002). Manage interdisciplinary SSHRC grant on topic of co-operative membership and globalization, including: budget guidelines, ethics, and organizing a national conference.

Education and Training Manager for Canglobal Management Inc. (2001). Manage and advise internal staff. Designed training plan for marketing and promotion of the City of Knowledge (research park) in Panama; and collaborated with SIAST International on Rural Extension Project with Ngobe-Bugle in Panama.

Program Coordinator for Dumont Technical Institute (Métis Nation of Saskatchewan) (1999-2000). Advised on programming and training. Responsible for curriculum analysis, review, and representing DTI on provincial committees.

Advisor on inter-cultural education in Chile with CONADI, a Mapuche NGO (1995). Provided advice on designing Mapuche/intercultural curriculum for primary & secondary schools.

Recipient of CIDA-funded Professional Award for six-month project Human Resource Development with Mapuche Women in Chile (1993-94).

Teacher-training (voluntary) for All-India Secondary Teachers Federation. (summer, 1994) Delivered training programs in 3 states of India. (EA: Canadian Teachers Federation)

Popular Theatre Instructor (1989) for Northern Manitoba Performing Arts School, Frontier Collegiate, Cranberry-Portage, Manitoba. Theatre workshops for youth


2014 Canadian Labour Congress. $10,000. Invited research position. Sustaining the Labour College of Canada.

2013 International Development Research Centre (IDRC). $436,000 (Administered through CCA; multiple collaborators & researchers). Examining Success Factors for Sustainable Rural Development through the Integrated Co-operative Model.

2012 Indigenous Peoples’ Health Research Centre New Scholar Award. $10,000 Who Benefits: Residential School Compensation, Aboriginal Women and Healing.

2012 United Association of Labor Educators Research Award. $4000. Sustaining Transformation: Building on the Success of the Prairie School for Union Women.

2012 SSHRC Insight Development Grant. $74,375. Intergenerational learning in Indigenous Textile Communities of Practice. Research sites: Chile and Canada. Includes data collection and analysis, conference presentations, hiring and mentoring student research assistants and community collaborators. In 2014, this research resulted in an exhibition at a public art gallery and articles published in PA Herald, PANow, Research Update (UR) and Faculty of Education newsletter.

2012 Distance and Distributed Learning Committee (DDLC). $4,000 TEL funding. Development of an online course: EAHR 214 –Facilitating of Adult Learning.

2011 SSHRC General Research Grant and President’s Fund. $4,000. Building Collaborations Toward an Exploration of Learning in Ethnic Communities of Practice.

2011 Saskatchewan Instructional Development & Research Unit (SIDRU) Community- based Research Award. $5,000.Innovations, Opportunities and Challenges in the Story of Prairie School for Union Women.

2011 SSHRC Cohort Development Grant. $1,000. Intergenerational Learning and Identity Construction in Marginalized Communities of Practice.

2010 President’s Teaching and Learning Scholar Award. $2,500. Knowledge-Sharing for Improved Pedagogical Practices in Global Citizenship.

Other funded community research

Co-researcher and writer (2004) for City of Saskatoon on a Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Status of Women Canada-funded action research project. Increasing Women’s Participation in Municipal Consultation Processes.

Research/writer (2003) for Saskatoon Anti-poverty Coalition on a Status of Women-funded (contract) national advocacy project examining links between poverty, violence and gender.

Evaluation (formative) (2002) for Credit Studies, Extension Division, University of Saskatchewan (contract). Designed and implemented a formative evaluation and report on the distance delivery of Native Studies 110.6.

Program Evaluator (2001) for Quint Community Economic Development Corporation. (contracts). Completed an evaluation report of 2 small business training programs aimed at low-income, participants in Saskatoon, included recommendations on policy and program changes.

Researcher (2000) for a Status of Women Canada funded project Who Benefits: Women, Unpaid Work and Social Policy(contract). Action research on unpaid care-giving work by women on social assistance (with small children) and the impact of government policy. Resulted in dialogue at Ministerial level. (EA: Working for Women, Saskatoon).

Researcher (1999) for Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence funded project on Midwifery: Women’s Experiences, Hopes and Reflections (contracts). Manitoba.


2012 Phyllis Cunningham Award for Social Justice for paper explaining participatory research with the Prairie School for Union Women. Award presented at 53rd Annual Adult Education Research Conference, Saratoga Springs, NY (June).

2007 Patricia Dwyer Memorial Award ($700) for PhD research linking community work and gender equality.

2005 UBC Doctoral Tuition Award 4 years ($12000);

2005 Dept. of Educational Studies, UBC Department Award ($4000);

1998 Finalist for Governor General’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Canadian History;

1995 Manitoba Human Rights Commission and Dept. of Education Outstanding work and dedication in the Canadian diversity and elimination of discrimination;

1993 Canada 125 Commemorative Medal in recognition of contributions to community;

1993-94 CIDA Professional Award to work with Mapuche women in Chile for 6 months ($13,000).


Refereed Publications

Hanson, C. (submitted). Tanning hide and spinning wool: Arts-based inquiry and intergenerational learning in Indigenous textiles. Engaged Scholar Journal.

Hanson, C. (2016). Stitching the stories together: Intergenerational learning among Indigenous women. In Stories that make a difference. Exploring the collective, social and political potential of narratives in adult education research, L. Formenti & L. West (Eds.). Italy: Pensa Multimedia.

Hanson, C. (forthcoming 2016). Gender, justice, and the Indian residential school claims process. International Indigenous Policy Journal. 7:1.

Hanson, C. with Hughes, J. & Farmer, J. (forthcoming, 2016). Aftermath of a storm: Gender and the Indian Residential School claims process. In Arctic/Northern Women: Situating Law and Justice in Development and Gender, K. Lahey (Ed.). London: Cambridge Scholar’s Press.

Hanson, C. (forthcoming 2015). The complexities of training for gender equality in states of conflict and peacebuilding. In. N. Taber (Ed). Learning Gendered Militarism. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press.

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Hanson, C. (1994). Effective Methods of Teaching Native Studies in Dr. K. P. Binda (ed). Critical Issues in First Nations Education, University of Brandon.


Hanson, C. (June 17-July 4, 2014). Beading between generations [Curator]. Mann Art Gallery, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Non-refereed Publications and Technical Reports

Hanson, C. & Nosov, S. (2015). Movement Building and Moving Forward: A Comprehensive Review of the Labour College of Canada. Ottawa, Canada

Hanson, C. (June, 2015). “It’s a Powerful Thing”: Arts-based Community Research on Intergenerational Learning in Indigenous Textiles. Conference paper. Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education, June 2015, Montreal, Quebec.http://journals.msvu.ca/ocs/index.php/casae2014/casae2015/paper/view/181

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Hanson, C. (March, 2012). Innovations, Opportunities, and Challenges: The Story of the Prairie School for Union Women.Available online http://www.sfl.sk.ca/news/releases/march-7-2012—study-reveals-sfl-school-for-women-develops-important-skills-and-confidence/

Hanson, C. & McNeil, B. (2012). Knowledge-Sharing for Improved pedagogical practices in Global CitizenshipDOC Report of President’s teaching and learning scholar award. https://www.uregina.ca/ctl/programs/president/ptls-2011-2012.html

Hanson, Cynthia. (2009). Toward Transformative Learning and a Transnational Feminist Pedagogy: Experiences of Activist-Facilitators Working in Development. Doctoral Dissertation in Educational Studies, University of British Columbia.https://circle.ubc.ca/handle/2429/7103

Hanson, C., & McInturff, K. (January, 2008). Technical workshop report. Gender training and fragile states: What works?Ottawa: Gender and Peacebuilding Working Group. Available online athttp://www.peacebuild.ca/documents/Gender%20Training%20and%20Fragile%20States%20Workshop%20Report.final.pdf

Hanson, C., & Matheos, K. (2007). Review of Agriculture Extension in Tigray, Ethiopia. Publication of CIDA and Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration.

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Hanson, C. (Dec 1997). A Passage to India: Strengthening teacher organizations in The Manitoba Teacher, p. 3.

Refereed Workshops and Presentations

Hanson, C. (Paper). Exploring Intergenerational Learning in Indigenous Textiles. ESREA Network – Between Global and Local: Adult Learning and Development. June 30, 2015, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Hanson, C. (Paper). “It’s a Powerful Thing”: Arts-based Community Research on Intergenerational Learning in Indigenous Textiles. Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education, June 2015, Montreal, Quebec.

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Popular Education. Conference (June 1-5, 2013): Canadian Society for the Study of Women in Education, University of Victoria, British Columbia.

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Hanson, C. Presenter at Gender and Family Values in the 21st Century Conference. Gender based analysis training in South Africa: Development dilemmas. 2005, Brandon, Manitoba.

Hanson, C. (Chair & Paper presenter) at First International Congress on Qualitative Inquiry. Paper title: Working with marginalized women: Lessons, hopes and fears. 2005, Chicago, IL.

Hanson, C. Paper presentation. Innovation in course design and delivery through formative evaluations. BC and Beyond: A conference honouring Jean Barman. 2005, Vancouver.

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Hanson, C. Participatory evaluation: An opportunity to respond to learners. Paper presented at Sixth Annual Academic Skills Conference, 1996, Brandon University.

Hanson, C. (workshop) Developing a community-based curriculum and Effective Methods for Teaching Native Studies, Canadian Indian Teachers Education Program National Conference. 1994, Brandon.

Invited Presentations, Workshops, and Panels

Hanson, C. & Hughs, J. (panel, Feb. 2015). Gender, Justice, and the Indian Residential School Claims. Gender Talk organized by the Dept of Women and Gender Studies and Justice Studies at the University of Regina.

Hanson, C. (Feb 28, 2014). A Gender Lens on the Indian Residential School Claims Process. Arctic/Northern Women: Law and Justice, Development and Equality In celebration of Dr. Patricia A. Monture,’88 (1958-2010). Kingston: Queen’s Univ.

Hanson, C. Building International and Indigenous Research Collaborations. (March 20, 2013). SIDRU Seminar. University of Regina.

Hanson, C., Juschka, D., & Jaffe, J. (February 6, 2012). Invited panelist on What’s gender got to do with development? for International Development Week Opening Ceremonies, University of Regina, Saskatchewan. Moderator: Rebecca Mellett (CIDA).

Hanson, C. (April 6, 2011). Invited presenter to the Adult Educators Association of Saskatchewan, Inc. Title – Challenges in the Internationalization of Adult Learning. (Regina)

Hanson, C. (October 21, 2011) Presented at the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Annual Convention on study about the Prairie School for Union Women (Saskatoon)

Hanson, C. (April, 2011). Understanding diversity and its relationship with healthy learning environments. Invited workshop for Prairie West Regional College.

Hanson, C. (November, 2007). Invited panelist on Gender Equality Roundtable for Agriculture Institute of Canada (Edmonton).

Hanson, C. (2007) Invited lecturer on Gender and Development for Oxfam Canada (Prairie Region) and the University of Saskatchewan, International Development Week (Saskatoon).

Hanson, C. (2007). Workshop leader, Case Study Instruction, for Certificate in Continuing Education (CACE) Program, University of Saskatchewan.

Hanson, C. (2005 & 2006Guest Lectures on gender and development to graduate classes UBC Educational Studies; also to Dept. of Community Health and Epidemiology, U of S.

Hanson, C. (2004 & 2006). Workshop leader, Exploring Diversity in Learning, for Certificate in Continuing Education Program, University of Saskatchewan.

Hanson, C. (2003). Presentations on Intercultural and Inclusive Education for Ministry of Education and Region X municipal governments, (Chile).

Hanson, C. (1999). Manitoba representative for Beijing Plus Five National Consultations, Ottawa. Presented results at public forum Winnipeg University.

Hanson, C. (1997). Invited panelist for Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence regional workshop. Presented on participatory research and evaluation.

Keynote Address

Hanson, C. (November 6, 2010). Invited keynote for Transnational Gender Justice Conference: Are we t/here yet? Title – From Conversations on Activist Practice to Ideas for a Community of Practice. (Saskatoon)

Hanson, C (November, 2007) Invited presenter for Indigenous women’s rights in Latin America Workshop. Supported by IDRC/Rights & Democracy/CONAMUIP. Paper title: Respectful methodologies for generating knowledge/ conocimientos. (Panama City, PANAMA)

Hanson, C. (Nov. 2007). Invited keynote presenter for Manitoba Association of School Trustees

Annual meeting Presentation title Innovations in Good Governance: A view from the classroom. Brandon, Manitoba.

Hanson, C. (1995). Invited keynote address at St. Theresa Point First Nation and invited keynote address at Opaskawayak Cree Nation. Topic: Community-based curriculum development.


2015 President (Elect) Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women

2013-15 Research Chair, Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women

2014 Member of Reel Rave International Film Festival, Prince Albert National Park

2012-2013 Canadian Cooperative Association, Tools Development Working Group for African credit union professionals (SACCOs).

2011-2014 Saskatchewan Craft Council, Board member.

2009-present Association of Women and Development, member

2008-2010 UN-INSTRAW Virtual Community of Practice on Gender Training, Facilitator & Advisory Committee member.

2006-2008 Friends of the Broadway Theatre, President, Board of Directors

2005-present Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women

2003-2010 Saskatoon Women’s Community Coalition, Member.

1997-1999 Theatre New West Co. Inc., Chair, Board of Directors.

1990-1993 Manitoba representative on the Tools for Peace National Executive

1990 Manitoba member of the Peacefund National reference Group for Canadian Council for International Cooperation.