The SPAR Research Team

SPAR’s research team is a broadly multi-disciplinary group involving individuals from the University of Regina, the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Melbourne.
This research project involves a broadly multi-disciplinary research team. With a strong base in the arts, particularly community-based art practice, the team also involves researchers with other types of backgrounds suited to a broader understanding of artist networks and connections between artists and their communities. The team includes individuals from sociology, sustainability studies, economics, health, aboriginal studies, geography and cultural mapping as well as individuals with experience in a range of relevant research approaches (quantitative and qualitative methodology, ethics).

Harry DiazHarry Diaz (Professor, Sociology and Social Studies, University of Regina) is assisting with the surveys, focus groups and case studies. His expertise in sociology and social networks as well as sustainability studies informs our theoretical and methodological approach. His background as Executive Director of the Canadian Plains Research Centre and involvement in the Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative also provides team-based research experience with a range of issues affecting the sustainability of our rural communities.

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