is a provincial, member-driven coalition of arts organizations that provides a collective voice for the Saskatchewan arts community to the public, government, and arts and culture agencies. Formally established in 1986, the SAA works to strengthen, support and advance the arts through advocacy, policy development and proactive leadership. Since its establishment, SAA has been a prominent advocate on issues affecting artists and the arts, including public funding to the arts, government arts policies, freedom of expression and artists’ working conditions.

Accurate representation of arts community interests is a priority of the SAA. To remain current on issues and needs and ensure accurate identification and representation of interests, the SAA consults with the arts community through communication services and face-to face meetings.

With a strong research mandate, the SAA undertakes studies of significance to the provincial arts sector to 1) build understanding of the arts sector, and 2) provide decision-makers with the information necessary to make informed decisions. The research studies are made available to SAA members, national stakeholders, elected and government officials, arts agencies and others with an interest in the findings.


SAA established the Artist Registry, a census of self-declared artists living in Saskatchewan, as part of the Understanding the Arts Ecology of Saskatchewan research project. All non-professional and professional artists – musicians, actors and theatre artists, visual artists, craftspeople, filmmakers, writers, dancers, interdisciplinary artists – are asked to sign the Registry. All information is kept confidential, for research purposes only.

Saskatchewan Arts Alliance seeks to strengthen, support and advance the arts and cultural industries in Saskatchewan through proactive leadership, advocacy, public education, research, and policy development.

Saskatchewan arts and artists are supported and valued as essential to a complete and healthy society.