Gerry Folk (Executive Director, Cultural Policy Branch, Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport, Province of Saskatchewan) As a former arts administrator and current representative for the provincial government, Folk is providing input from the perspective of the government’s cultural policy and their 2008 survey of the cultural sector (arts, cultural industries, heritage and multiculturalism) and their three substantial published reports: Reflections: A Summary of 30 Years of Cultural Policy Discussions in Saskatchewan (2008), Reflections on Cultural Policy: A Summary of Survey Results (January 2009), Moving from Reflection to Action: Towards a Cultural Policy for Saskatchewan (March 2010). He is also contributing his knowledge of what research is being done in the area of cultural ecology and policy in other provinces. His participation in reviewing the research data and conclusions from this arts ecology project will mean direct dissemination to the key official who creates cultural policy in the province.

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