Material under review

We are currently doing research to find out more information about the histories, provenance and nature of cultural material under our care. We are particularly interested in histories of acquisition (for example, if the material was acquired through theft, looting, under duress, etc.), and if the material holds ceremonial, secret or sacred meaning. Our goal is to develop as comprehensive an understanding as possible about the cultural material and how it came to be in the University’s possession.

This is a challenging task. Many items are centuries-old, and have little documentation describing how they entered the market, or how they passed from one collector to another. We will be building on the knowledge we already have through further research and consultation.

We are publishing a list of the items under review below. If you have any questions about these items, or see something that you recognise as part of your cultural heritage, please get in touch.

Please note that in many cases, we do not have permission from source communities to publish photographs of cultural material. However, we believe by making them accessible we can provide an opportunity for people to more easily identify their cultural heritage. For this reason we respectfully ask that you do not republish any of these images.

See an image you believe is culturally restricted, or should not be on view? Notice any naming, or terminology we should change? Please let us know.