About the project

The University of Regina is currently undertaking a review of its collections held at the MacKenzie Art Gallery (MAG). The collections under review are comprised of 300+ cultural materials originating from the Americas, South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Minor and ancient European and pre-Columbian civilizations. This work is being managed by the Collections Review Committee.

The Committee’s role is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances around the acquisition of items from the University of Regina’s collections at the MAG. Each item is subject to extensive research to identify any items taken from origin sources in ways that are legally or morally unjustifiable today, or are otherwise inappropriate for museum retention. The Committee works closely with the MAG, and supports the development of best practices and management of repatriation and shared ownership cases as they arise.

The full list of items we are reviewing can be found on the Material Under Review page.