le TALK Bac 5(1) September 2015

Talk Bac v5 n1 1er septembre 2015

In this Issue:

  • Celebration of defense: Dr. Fadila ‘s Boutouchent
  • Summer activities
  • The start of the school year

Successful defense of  Fadila Boutouchent’s thesis!

The Bac team congratulates to Fadila Boutouchent, PhD, for the success of her doctoral studies. Dr. Boutouchent, tenure-track member in the Bac team, brilliantly supported her PhD in Educational Sciences in Francophone minority communities at the Université de Moncton (NB). The thesis, entitled Learning and Maintaining a Second or Additional Language French: A Study of Young English-Speaking Canadians, addresses the sociolinguistic factors conducive to learning and maintenance of French second language. With the Bac program, Dr. Boutouchent teaches professional development courses to the first year and preinternship levels. She teaches courses in science education and a specific course for teaching in Francophone minority context (CFM ). She is also in the field of research related to CFM, including collaboration with other universities. Dr. Boutouchent is interested in understanding issues such as initial training requirements, developing the sense of belonging and identity in an out group, and science education in CFM. She serves on the selection committee, the French Institute and the Admissions Committee, Studies & Scholarships of the Faculty of Education. Nationally, Dr. Boutouchent University Consortium is a member of ACPI.
Fadila Congratulations!

Back to School 2015
The Bac team prepares enthusiastically welcome the new cohort 2015-2016 with more than thirty étudiant.es Entries in Bac are slightly higher compared to those of last year. In addition , it should be noted that 29 étudiant.es continue their internship this session , and so will spend four months in schools. This important step in the initial training is also very appreciated by étudiant.es preparing to soon launch their teaching careers. We thank all the schools that ” un.e of us” this fall!

News : Research – Create – Community

Community Involvement
Dr. Marie Lace Brogden and Dr. Laurie Carlson Berg participated as volunteers at the Northwest Regional Conference Symposium of the Society of International Educators DKG, in the month of July. Dr. Brogden served as Captain Wellness while Dr. Carlson Berg helped with registration and reception of the participants, the latter reaching five different Canadian provinces, over 18 American states and Norway.

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