Retirement – Larry Steeves

Prior to joining the Faculty of Education as an Assistant Professor in January 2007, Dr. Larry Steeves was a public servant for over 30 years in the K–12 education and government sectors. Steeves brought to his Faculty position a variety of experiences as a classroom teacher, coordinator of guidance services, principal and a director of education. As well, Steeves brought his experiences within the Saskatchewan provincial government, including time as Associate Deputy Minister in Government Relations and Aboriginal Affairs, Deputy Minister of Northern Affairs, and Associate Deputy Minister in Learning, including responsibilities as the Saskatchewan representative to the Board of Governors of the First Nations University of Canada.

Steeves says his most memorable experience in his 14 years within the Faculty was the work environment. “I greatly enjoyed my time as a colleague within our Faculty—what commenced as a 5-year commitment gradually extended as new opportunities arose.” As examples of the work environment, Steeves mentions Indigenous research, course development, and the creation of an online Educational Leadership program. The relationships Steeves has been “privileged to develop” are his “primary reason for remaining related to the Faculty,” says Steeves. He values all the relationships developed through the differing settings in his work career: “All provided great opportunities, challenges and relationships. But I have to say that the environment within our Faculty made it easy for me to stay. It was a wonderful place to work—and to make a contribution. I was blessed.”

As advice to Faculty colleagues, Steeves says, “I would only say that our work is important—supporting the development of future teachers and leaders within the K-12 sector is vital. We need to continue this work. As I leave my colleagues for retirement, I know that we face difficult times. I can only say that these challenges occur in any career—this one will be dealt with and will pass. It may leave changes, potentially even profound ones—but the work that we do remains. The work —and the need for it—will continue.”

Steeves is working towards the next phase of his life in a beautiful location: Victoria, B.C. He hopes to have more personal and family time, “but also to continue making a small contribution to our work.” He wishes colleagues the best in coming times.

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