New faculty member – Digital Pedagogy and Literacies

Dr. Ehsan Akbari

Dr. Ehsan Akbari recently accepted the position of Lecturer and Coordinator of Digital Pedagogy and Literacies. Dr. Akbari completed a PhD in Art Education at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec in November 2020. His dissertation explored, “Collective and Spatial Learning through Mobile Sensory Photography and Creative Cartography.” Dr. Akbari says his research “is anchored in the question of how technology can be used in classrooms to enrich teaching, learning, human interactions and environmental awareness.” He has a strong belief in the positive potential of technologies: “I believe strongly that the creative and thoughtful integration of digital, online, and mobile technologies can positively impact learning provided that educators understand that these tools serve people and not the other way around.” Dr. Akbari has developed creative and arts-based approaches that integrate technology, including collective online sensory mapping, smartphone photography, and soundscape composition. “My research has convinced me of the immense value of creative uses of technology for connecting learners to their surroundings, and sharing one’s unique perspectives and identities amongst peers. I embolden educators to think about ways of using tools to enrich human connections to places and to others,” says Dr. Akbari. To listen to and view some of Dr. Akbari’s art visit his website:


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