New Appointment for Science Education

Portrait of Jesse Bazzul
Dr. Jesse Bazzul

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Jesse Bazzul to the Faculty of Education. Dr. Bazzul received his PhD from the University of Toronto in 2013 where he also served as the Elementary Practicum Coordinator. He has authored or co-authored 10 peer reviewed articles, four book chapters, and has presented his research nationally and internationally at peer reviewed conferences. Dr. Bazzul brings extensive experience in K-12 classroom teaching in addition to work in post-secondary teacher education contexts. Dr. Bazzul is currently on faculty at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, in the Department of STEM Education & Teacher Development. Broadly, his work in science and environmental education employs a critical theoretical lens, and makes important connections between citizenship, and science. He attempts to disrupt normative discourses in science education that work to sustain dominant knowledge systems and prevent sustainable practices. Dr. Bazzul currently has a book contract with Springer for the book The Subject of Ethics and the Twenty-First Century Biology Education and has a co-authored book under review titled Critical Voices in Science Education Research: Narratives of New Scholars. We look forward to the important contributions Dr. Bazzul will make to the Science / Environmental subject area in the Faculty of Education and to faculty scholarship in critical / anti-oppressive education.

His appointment begins July 1, and we look forward to welcoming Jesse to the Faculty, the University, the city and the province.

Dr. Jesse Bazzul via Youtube

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