Métis Nation Flag Raising Ceremony

On Monday, June 19, 2023, the raising of the Flag of the Métis Nation on the University of Regina campus was celebrated with a ceremony organized by SUNTEP Regina (Gabriel Dumont Institute ) with the ta-tawâw Student Centre under the leadership of SUNTEP Program Head Jeannine Whitehouse. The flag is located across from the Treaty 4 Flag in the hallway by the ta-tawâw Student Centre.

Opening prayer and blessings were offered by Knowledge Keeper Irma Klyne with remarks by Dr. Jeff Keshen, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Regina. Métis fiddler Tahnis Cunningham played a song of celebration. Following the ceremony, Janette Grams provided a traditional meal of soup and bannock.

“The Gabriel Dumont Institute and the University of Regina have a partnership that has been in place over 40 years. We were honoured to host this flag raising event in partnership with the ta-tawaw Student Centre. On this day, June 19, 1816 Métis leader Cuthbert Grant flew the Métis flag for the first time at la Victoire de la Genouillère and declared la nouvelle nation (the new nation). Flags are important symbols uniting a nation’s people. Flags often provide a way for people to recognize or identify a place and see themselves belonging in spaces. Having the Métis flag in this space honours Métis students and staff here on the U of R campus.” Jeannine Whitehouse, SUNTEP Regina, Program Head.

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