Le Talk Bac 5(3) November 2015

Talk Bac v5 n3 - 2 novembre 2015The First year BAC Field Experience–Another Successful Year at St. Mary School

Those who have read our publication for several years now might be thinking you have already read a similar text, as this is another yet year to thank our colleagues at St. Mary School. However, nothing should be taken for granted; we recognize the efforts of the Director, Maurice St. Amand, and all faculty members and staff of St. Mary school, who welcomed our ECSF 100 students, accompanied by their supervisor, Professor Jean Dufresne, to offer them the opportunity to have a first experience in schools from the perspective of preservice teachers. For six afternoons in October, the Bac students visited classrooms, worked with students and had the opportunity to teach a lesson. This experience in an immersion school allows students – who are only beginning their career in the field of education – to observe and work in a stimulating school environment with curious and committed young students. This experience has enriched all those who benefited. A big thank you to the team at St. Mary School!

A New Strategic Plan for the Faculty of Education

Last spring, the Bac team welcomed our Dean, Dr. Jennifer Tupper, to discuss the first draft of the new strategic plan of the Faculty. Since that meeting, Dr. Fadila Boutouchent, assistant professor tenure-track, has been sitting on the Faculty’s Strategic Plan Working Committee. The second draft has now been completed and following a meeting with the Vice-Deans and Directors, to which the Director of Bac, Dr. Marie Lace Brogden attended last October, all faculty members will have the opportunity to contribute feedback again on the third draft of the plan. Following this internal consultation stage, we expect to send the new draft to our partners who serve on our Bac Advisory Committee to the Dean. This collaborative process is intended to inform the Faculty in establishing the principles that will guide our work over the next five years.

News : Research – Create – Community

Last October 16, Dr. Marie Lace Brogden conducted a service to the university community as a speaker during the Convocation Ceremony.

Xia , J., & Brogden , L.M. (2015 , October). Autoethnography : Side by side by side… Theory and Methods Seminar. Faculty of Education , University of Regina.

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