Le Talk Bac, 4(5) June 2015

At the zoo, John and Grandpa saw three monkeys. The monkeys were doing biochemistry.

Third year students create mini-books
A visual and successful literary boom!
In the didactics of art education courses, Bac elementary education program preinternship students deployed a wealth of imagination to combine children’s literature and visual arts under the guidance of lecturer Prof. Lambert Anne Brochu. The Results: mini hand bound books showing great aesthetic qualities while playing the role of a multifaceted educational tool. These mini- books address curricular concepts such as the spreadsheet, storytelling, folk song or original texts like visiting the zoo, while rising to the challenge of making a synthesis of artistic concepts studied, keeping in mind the target audience of schoolchildren learning!

News : Research – Create – Community

Dr. Lace Marie Brogden received a $4,857 grant for her research project entitled “Beyond the Classroom: Career Paths of French language teachers in English-dominant environment.”

Dr. Laurie Carlson Berg received a grant of $2,000 for her publishing project: The Canadian Francophonie in all its Colors and the Challenge of Inclusive Education: Practical Approaches in the Classroom (Presses de l’ Université Laval).

Both grants were awarded by the Institut français’ Centre de recherche sur les francophonies en milieu minoritaire (CRFM) as part of its annual research grant competition.

Sperlich, T., & Brogden, L. M. (2015). Rural museum spaces as catalysts for collaborative research: Detours and possibilities. Journal of Museum Ethnography, 28, 70–84.


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