Faculty Research Centre funding

The following are recipients of our Faculty Research Centre Funding:

Community-Engaged Research Fund

Melanie Brice & Russell Fayant – Re-connecting & re-claiming Michif language: A study of a Land-based Michif Immersion Language camp. Funding: $5,000

Christine Massing – Co-constructing intercultural early childhood practices. Funding: $5,000

Twyla Salm & Amanda Kornaga – Understanding social media usage & mental health in a rural school. Funding: $2,780

French-Language Research Fund

Heather Phipps, Monique Wahl, & Michelle Dizy – Jouer, apprendre et créer en immersion française. Funding: $2,310

General Research Fund

Fatima Pirbhai-Illich and Fran Martin – Decolonizing Educational Relationships: $5,000

Knowledge Mobilization Fund

Cristyne Hébert – Paper Presentations: Learning through making & 21st-century parents (CSSE 2019). Funding: $1657.85

Angela McGinnis – Situating the horse-human relationship in Indigenous education (AIRA). Funding: $4988.91

Heather Phipps & Anna-Leah King – âcimowin storytelling circle: Creativity through dreaming. Funding: $4,852

Fatima Pirbhai-Illich and Fran Martin – Decolonizing the educational relationship (CIARS 2019). Funding: $5000

Kathryn Ricketts – Performance & difference: Developing effective language & practices for mixed abilities within artful practices (CSSE 2019). Funding $4,456

Twyla Salm – Smooth transitions & methods courses and anti-oppressive pedagogy (CSSE 2019). Funding: $1,055

Marc Spooner – Choosing what matters over what counts in spite of the audited managerial academy(CSSE 2019). funding: $2,625.08

Scott Thompson – “Songs of Beginning Teachers” (SBT): Performative scholarship. Funding: $5000

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