Early Childhood Preservice Educators Set up Experiential Learning Workshops

Dr. Christine Massing observing the Experiential Learning Workshop created by her ECE 325 students, Danna, Brooke, Madison, and Kelsey, which explores altering or recycling materials, changing their appearance, texture, sound, smell or taste.
Grade 1 Nature Experiential Learning Workshop created by ECE 325 students, Jenny, Janine, and Jocelyn, which explores the characteristics and uses of natural and constructed objects and materials in their environment.
ECE 325 students, Noelle Nestman, Cassandra Lechler, Tayler Cown, and Melanie George offer children an opportunity to explore their senses in this activity.
ECE 325 students Chelsea, Bernadette, Woojeong, and Jalyssa set up a workshop that allows children to investigate interactions between liquids and solids.
Students who will present on Thursday enjoy the experiential learning experiences set up by their peers.

Later that day, the workshops were viewed by Campus Regina High School Students.

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