Arts Ed Sarah Adams answers the question “Why Arts Education?”

Sarah Adams (BEd’11), an Arts Educator and Music Artist, shares about the value of our Arts Education program to her:

What I enjoyed about the Arts Education program was how it immersed me in all the different strands of the arts ed curriculum. I met talented teachers and individuals who were masters of their craft and was constantly inspired by the power of the arts in everyday life, and how it poured over into the classroom experience.

This program prepared me for my career by setting me up for success. My background in the arts has really helped me in my professional roles as an educator. This program has made me assertive, vulnerable, and compassionate, and allowed me to think on my toes which is very handy in the education field.

I have always been thankful that the arts education program gave me a few different ways to use my degree. I’m considered a specialist in the arts, but can still take this into all avenues of teaching, whether it be a classroom teacher, a leadership role, or a position directly related to the arts.

I am very grateful for the opportunity that the Arts Ed program has given me, not only as an educator but as an artist. It made me see the importance of the arts and how badly they are needed in our schools, and in the world.

I am currently an arts ed specialist at The Crescents school! I love this position and being able to share my passion with the students! I also sing on the side with a folk band called Blue Light Valley and do some solo gigs. I’ve started my own Instagram and Facebook pages where I share my original songs and some covers with the world. This has really evolved into meeting other artists and performing at many local establishments. You can find me at @SarahAshleySings on both platforms.
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