Anthropology of the Discard: An Interactive Exhibition

5th parallel kathryn Ricketts“Anthropology of the Discard” is an interactive exhibition illuminating the saliency of objects as triggers for performative storytelling. It is also a display of artifacts as emblems of lives lived, and lives that refuse to be seen in isolation of each other. Fascinated by the wall of Value Village where conglomerates of objects hang in plastic bags for the standard price of $2.99, Dr. Kathryn Ricketts has collected those that are ‘bulging’ with compelling possible new narratives.

Grad student Jayden Pfeifer and dancer Johanna Bundon have been experimenting along with Kathryn Ricketts for several months around these concepts. Join them in a performative exhibition in April/May at The Fifth Parallel, (U of R, Riddell Centre) where they are excited to share their deepened understanding of the power of objects.

The audience is invited to construct their own bulging bag of stories (ongoing). Bags and objects will be available in the gallery or participants can bring their own constructed bag of objects from home.

Watch an open rehearsal to see how the performed stories are constructed (Posted at Gallery). Watch a 30 min performance of a bulging bag of evocative objects (May 7, 8 & 12th, 7:30 PM). Take in a workshop to learn how to create performative narratives from discarded objects. (May 7 & 8th 12 – 1 PM)

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