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A Conversation About Capitalism and the Politics of Climate Change
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In this podcast, David Camfield talks about his forthcoming book on capitalism and the politics of climate change forthcoming in 2022 from PM Press. Specifically, Dr.Camfield sheds light on ideas such as: ecosocialism, green capitalism, and mass social movement climate justice politics.

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Making the Difference - with Tracy Zambory, President, Saskatchewan Union of Nurses

Graham sits down with Tracy Zambory, President of the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN), to discuss the addiction and mental health crisis in Saskatchewan and its impact on the work of nurses in the province. They cover everything from tough family conversations to safe injection sites.

Learn more about SUN's initiatives here: https://makingthedifference.ca/addictions

Watch a number of SUN's documentaries:

Small Town Anywhere: A rural addictions crisis

Addictions Crisis

Faces of Addiction

Opioid Crisis

Harm Reduction

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A Conversation About the Ambivalence Of Disposable Time

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In this podcast, Tom Walker talks about his forthcoming paper in Contributions to Political Economy (2021) called "The Ambivalence of Disposable Time: The Source and Remedy of the National Difficulties at 200," a study of the unheralded influence of the 1821 pamphlet on Marx's analysis and on contemporary Marxism. Tom also talks about the implications of his work on labor, the natural resource-dependent economies, and worker’s experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A Conversation about Price Wars and Food Politics in Mid-Twentieth Century Canada

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In this podcast, Julie Guard talks about her book, “Radical Housewives: Price Wars and Food Politics in Mid-Twentieth-Century Canada”. Dr.Guard sheds light on the implications of her book on our understanding of women’s involvement in organized social movements, and parallels with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Two Canoes Flowing Down the River-Cadmus Delorme

Graham Coulter sits down with Chief Cadmus Delorme of the Cowessess First Nation to discuss work and opportunities on the reserve, the impact of the 2016 shooting of Colten Boushie, and the game of golf.

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A Conversation about Work, Inclusion and 2SLGBTQ+ people in Sudbury and Windsor

In this podcast, Suzanne Mills, Adriane Paavo, and Benjamin Owens talk about their research project that looks at the experiences of LGBTQ workers in Sudbury and Windsor and what unions can do to improve work experiences. They shed light on the aims, methodology, findings, and implications of this project.

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Meatpacking in the Pandemic - Sean Tucker

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Sean and Graham discuss the large-scale infection and deaths of workers in Alberta’s meatpacking industry due to COVID-19, particularly at the Cargill plant at High River. In the spring of 2020, that plant was the site of the largest single workplace outbreak of the coronavirus in North America, with over 950 workers infected. 3 workers died. Another major outbreak occurred at the JBS plant at Brooks, Alberta, linked to the death of at least one worker and several community members.

In January 2021, the RCMP began reviewing a complaint filed by the family into the death of Benito Quesada, 51, who had worked at Cargill for 15 years. The probe is the first known instance in Canada of police investigating a workplace-related COVID-19 death. Charges may be filed under the Westray Act under the Criminal Code. Later that month, three more deaths of workers were connected to an outbreak at the Olymel plant in Red Deer.

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A Conversation about Modern Slavery

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In this podcast, Judy Fudge provides an overview of her research interests with a focus on “modern slavery” and its connections with the COVID-19 pandemic, and research on migrant labor.

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Canada Post and CUPW in the Pandemic - Janice Jarvis

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In this episode of Work of the West, we are joined by Janice Jarvis, President of Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) Local 823 in the Salmon Arm and Revelstoke area. Janice discusses the state of working conditions at Canada Post during the COVID pandemic and the impacts of back-to-work legislation has had on workers and bargaining rights in Canada.

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Please see episode 16! 

A Conversation about Saskatchewan’s Long-Term Care Crisis

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In this podcast, Sara Birrell talks about Saskatchewan’s long-term care crisis. This includes a discussion about staff-resident relationships during COVID-19, and experiences of residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A Conversation about “Just Transition” and the Oil/Gas Industry in Western Canada

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In this podcast, Emily Eaton provides an overview of her research interests with a focus on research she conducted on “just transition” and the oil/gas industry. This includes a discussion about what led Dr.Eaton to this topic, and future research interests.

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A Conversation about the Wage Restraint Legislation Passed by The Manitoba legislature in 2017

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In this podcast, Bruce Curran talks about the wage restraint legislation passed by the Manitoba legislature in 2017. This includes a discussion about what the decision got right and criticisms of the decision.

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Locked Out (part 1): Kevin Bittman

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Former Unifor Local 594 president Kevin Bittman opens up on the 2019-2020 lockout at the Co-op Refinery in Regina. In this episode, he reflects on the implications for labour solidarity, the role of government in private-sector strikes, and the future of labour in the province.

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Locked Out (part 2): Charles Smith

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Professor Charles Smith discusses the broader implications of the 2019/2020 Co-op Refinery lockout for the labour movement in Saskatchewan, as well as the privileging of property over workers’ rights, the Wagner model in Canada, and the use of the courts as a tool for worker power.

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SEIU West - Barb Cape

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In this episode of Work of the West, Andrew Stevens speaks with Barb Cape, President of the Service Employees International Union in Saskatchewan – also known as SEIU-West. SEIU represents around 100,000 members in Canada – workers who are employed in the education system, health care, care facilities, emergency services, social services, and municipalities. In the interview we talk about the privatization of long-term care in Saskatchewan, health care staffing levels, and the impact of COVID on workers in the province.
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A Conversation about Labor in Craft Brewing Industries
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In this podcast, Benjamin Anderson talks about their research in work and organizing in artisanal industries. This includes a discussion about challenges faced in doing this work, and implications of this research for work in Western Canada.

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A Conversation about Sexism in Winnipeg’s Labor Movement
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In this podcast, Cole Rockarts talks about sexism in Winnipeg’s Labor Movement. This includes a discussion about systemic issues, and implications for women union members.

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A Conversation about University of Alberta’s Faculty Association

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In this podcast, Ricardo Acuña talks University of Alberta’s Faculty Association. This includes a discussion about funding cuts, and university leadership.

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The Labour Movement - What It Could Be, What It Should Be - Tony Leah

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Tony Leah, a veteran autoworker and current master’s student at McMaster University, sits down to discuss a just transition away from fossil fuel in oil-adjacent industries, nationalizing car manufacturing, and the contradictions of capitalism.

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Locked Out (part 3) - Emily Leedham

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In this episode, labour reporter Emily Leedham discusses police intervention on the picket line, petrostate propaganda, and her experience covering the 2020 lockout at the Coop Refinery in Regina.

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The State Of Teaching In Saskatchewan (Part 1): Patrick Maze

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Patrick Maze, president of the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation, discusses the bargaining process during the pandemic and the concerns of teachers in Saskatchewan.

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The State Of Teaching In Saskatchewan (Part 2): Patrick Maze
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Patrick Maze, president of the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation, goes into greater detail regarding the unique challenges faced by Substitute Teachers in Saskatchewan and further challenges teachers have faced during the pandemic.

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Impact of the pandemic on the employment of refugees

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In this podcast, Lori and Paul talk about how the pandemic has impacted employment of refugees working in the prairies.

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All about labor Organizing in Building Trades

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In this podcast, Jeff talks about implications, and challenges about labor organizing in building trades.

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All About Mother's Experiences Post-Maternity Leave

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In this podcast, Morgan talks about research on mothers’ experiences post maternity leave.

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Advocating for Freelancer and Independent Contractor Rights

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In this podcast, Jenalene talks about advocating for freelancer and independent contractor rights.

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2SLGBTQ+ Advocacy in Unions

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In this podcast, Sarah talks about research on 2SLGBTQ+ advocacy in unions.

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Briarpatch's Prison Abolition Issue
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In this podcast, Saima talks about experiences with putting together Briarpatch’s prison abolition issue and what Saima learned about employment in prisons.

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Interview with the podcast team

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In this podcast we speak with the podcast team about the "alt-conference" format and the benefits to making academic work publicly accessible.

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